Official School Picture

I am currently the Technology Integration Specialist for my district with a 1/2 time teaching position thrown in for good measure (K-5 computers). For three years before that, I was the Assistant Principal at Fulton Junior High in O’Fallon, IL after spending ten years in the classroom teaching 7th grade science and language arts (yes, weird combo, I know!). Professional goals include guiding teachers to become more adept at their art, developing a PLN both near and far, and working to market FJHS as a top-performing school in Southern IL.

'Quetico Dawn'

In my free time, I like to work on my artistic side, including pastels, oils, and watercolors. This pastel of a Canadian shoreline was sold from GalleryM, the St. Louis art gallery that hosted my work until the recession hit and they closed.

Pearls & Champagne

Until I became an administrator, I owned a part-time jewlery business, Studio 206, which specialized in custom work, craft fairs, home shows, and art shows. I still do custom work when asked.

Morning Solitude

In the summers, I travel to Quetico Provincial Wilderness in Ontario, Canada. What started as several years of acting as a counselor for high school boys has turned into solo tripping, allowing complete respite from adolescents, and an experience unlike any other, where the beauty of the environs, the extreme physical demands, and accomplishing something all by yourself boosts your spirits for another year.


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