Let’s Just Have a Go!

It’s my new favorite saying.

All at once it’s British, it’s inviting, it’s positive.  I think I’ll make it my new motto.

Photo: youngcreativeministry.com

Photo: youngcreativeministry.com

To often, I find myself stuck in the Land of Should.  Should I try it?  Should I just forget about it?  But I find that if I just ‘have a go’ with a new idea, great things can happen.  For example, last year, I had an idea about implementing a Worksheet-less week at my school.  No one else had ever tried, and teachers were sure to balk at having to give up their precious busywork teaching resources.  One brave day, I made up a flyer, wrote a blog post, and #BOOM! it’s now an Event around the world:  No Worksheet Week 

What about the Toilet Tech I write several times a year?  People downright laughed when I put up my first issue, but now they ask when the next one will be posted.  I’m under the impression that I receive more ROI on that one sheet than I do for all the weekly Tech Tip/Trick emails I send out to all the staff. Certainly the website I maintain sees about an average of 1 visitor/day.

Personalized Professional Development is now a catch phrase.  I seem to remember writing about that (to a huge spike in readership!) and presenting at a conference three years ago.  You can’t be afraid to put yourself and your ideas out there.  Someone is sure to agree.

What I would really love to do is attend the StartUp St. Louis Education Weekend next week.  However, family responsibilities call, so I’ll add it to my bucket list.  I have several ideas I’d like to put out there in the innovation-sphere, including one that’s still a merely an idea-seed, but could be something really different in education.  Stay tuned – I’m sure this will be one of the first places I’ll publicize it!

The message here?  Don’t be afraid to step out and try.  I could add one of the million famous quotes about how great it is to be the innovator, but I’ll spare you, and instead just say, “Let’s just have a go!”


2 comments on “Let’s Just Have a Go!

  1. Molly Rosales says:

    What a positive post! It makes me want to “just have a go” right now. Thanks for your encouragement!

    • matthewweld says:

      I think you are working on having a go with a pretty big project! Congrats on the gumption and I’m looking forward to your journey to licensed interpreter!

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