Breaking in to Corporate America: (Im)possible?

In my inbox today, I found an email from LinkedIn telling me about a job that would be perfect for me:  Manager of Curriculum Development at Charter Communications (a huge cable TV/network company).  The title made it sound like it was right up my alley, so I clicked through to read more about it.  The initial paragraph sounded like a head of Professional Development for a school district.  Great!  Sign me up.  Down at the bottom, under “Preferred Qualifications,” (and aside from the ‘knowledge of cable television products and services a plus’) it sounded like everything a teacher or school administrator does.

YET nowhere under “Education (level and type)” did it mention Education as an acceptable degree.

photo (1)

When will educators be recognized as having experience in training?  Who else has more practical knowledge of content delivery systems, facilitation, and presentation?  It just irks me that we are not respected enough to be considered as viable candidates for the corporate world.

I think I’ll apply and see what happens.



2 comments on “Breaking in to Corporate America: (Im)possible?

  1. Molly Rosales says:

    As an employee of a cable company, I would relish having an administrator who used to be a teacher! We would probably be more organized and better trained. We would also be more focused on actual customer service rather than sales, sales, sales! Please get more teachers into positions of support and power!

  2. C.S. Stone says:

    I’m finding the same issue. Perhaps I need to reword my cover letter to reflect my ability to “train”. Wonder if any of these guys even know the difference between pedagogy and andragogy? Good luck to you!

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